Raymond Z.

I'm a designer and engineer, and a founder at Commonwealth.

We build collaboration tools to accelerate human progress. We're starting by building governance systems for decentralized networks.

March 2020 - I'm interested in meeting people with experience with emerging tech in a few areas. Happy to buy you a (virtual) coffee and share ideas; email me!

  • Collaborative documents - Google Docs or other heavy duty realtime collab tools
  • Anonymous conversation and voting - systems like Helios voting, as well as apps like Secret, Blind, etc.
  • Community formation - Discord communities, gaming servers, MUDs, and webforums
  • User scripting and customization - GreaseMonkey, as well as game and software mods

February 2020 - We launched Edgeware, a blockchain for governance experimentation, and a key part of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Half of the miner reward will be used to fund the growth of the network, including governance mechanisms and experiments.

I've also worked on a zine about creative process, and invested in tools for thought companies like Retool and Roam Research.

You can reach me by Twitter or email.